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Author Topic: Bosch B36CL80SNS/01 Cools for 3 hrs, Warm for 3 hrs Wash, Rinse, Repeat  (Read 132 times)

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We have a 1 yr old Bosch refrigerator.  Repair started under warranty but at this pt, one month into this process I have no faith Bosch will repair this fridge. First tech that looked at it couldn't figure it out, left and ghosted me.  Second tech ordered a new main board and replaced it yesterday.  Still failing.  Basically, fridge runs properly for about 3 hrs and then stops cooling.  After about 3 hrs, starts working again.   Over and over.   This unit has 2 compressors so likelihood of compressor failure is low.

The initial failure started 2 months ago where it would throw an alarm of high temp in the middle of the night.  But by the next day it was cooling again.  Seems to have gotten worse over time so now it's a 3hr on/off cycle.   Also, in our troubleshooting, we did a full reboot of the fridge about 3 weeks into the failure.  The fridge seemed to operate perfectly for 24 hrs after the reboot.  Then went back to the 3 hr on/off cycle. 

Seems like either heat related failure or a PCB with a bad solder joint/bad connection.

When the tech replaced the main board, noticed one connector wasn't seated properly and the wires fell out of it.   Not really sure whether the problem was there before removing the board or occurred when removing the board.  I(yes, helping the tech), reseated the wires in the connect and they at least passed the pull test(they didn't pull back out of the connector).  I am not completely sure that they made contact well in that it's a connector type that slices throught the insulation to make contact w/ the wire.  It could have just sliced the insulation but not deep enough to make contact.  Can't be sure as no way to ohm it out.

I cannot locate a wiring diagram online for this refrigerator.  I know the connector and wires that were a "fixed" but not sure if they could cause this issue.

Any guidance would be helpful.  At this pt, I think the only hope is for Bosch to just replace the fridge(which I've asked now, no response yet and maybe I am naive to think they will replace it).