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Author Topic: Maytag Atlantis MAVT754EWW Transmission Replacement Completed!  (Read 175 times)

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My first big appliance repair is done, thanks to everybody here who posted over the years!  Our 2005-vintage (15 years of overloading abuse) Atlantis developed a knocking noise during agitation, followed by a bang during spin after which the entire outer tub would shift to the left...never getting to full spin speed.  Probing with a mechanic's stethoscope at the transmission housing during agitation found noise similar to a rock crusher.

I originally figured it was time for a new washer, but EPA regs seem to have rendered current washers either crippled or way overpriced (or both).  After much research, I tried to find a Speed Queen LWN432 commercial model with no success...all backordered.

I ordered up a 35-6615 transmission & seal kit, belt, and snubber ring after much searching & reading here and watching YouTube videos.  Total parts cost around $300 with veteran discount at the local appliance parts store.  Also snagged a used 3-pin tub nut spanner for $35.  Couldn't find the black spanner accessory for the tub nut itself, but as the kit came with an updated 1-piece tub nut/seal I didn't need it...pipe wrench got the old plastic tub nut off minus the fins.

Three 1.5" long machine screws did the trick for decompressing the brake spring and reinstalling, no brake tool needed.  Just back them out gradually to minimize tilt on the baseplate and let the spring decompress.  Same for reinstallation but I also pushed down on the plate by hand.

THANK YOU for the cornstarch recommendation as snubber ring lubricant!  This was not covered in the shop manual or YouTube vids, nor the bulletin that came with the transmission kit.  Greatly appreciate the knowledge & experience shared here.

We've run 5+ loads through it, back to it's original quiet operation...maybe even quieter than new with this "high torque" transmission.  It's a 2005 build, not sure if it already had this variant.  Also cured the chronic imbalance problem (snubber ring was trashed) and squeal at spin stop (brake surface was dirty, cleaned with isopropyl alcohol).  Excellent project thanks to the wisdom found here!

We've run 5+ loads through it since the

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Re: Maytag Atlantis MAVT754EWW Transmission Replacement Completed!
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Good job waypoint!