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Author Topic: Interesting Frost & FLA Symptoms- Asking For Advice (Thanks Much!)  (Read 109 times)

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Hello Everybody!
I hope this note finds all are well & enjoying today!

We have a Roper upright freezer. It is Model RV1299REW02 DO  Type V35H-DWRW240. The date code is 1996. Purchased in 1997.
It has an internal condenser (no fan nor exposed coils to clean). It's manual defrost. The refrigerant charge is 5 ounces of R-134a.

The evaporator is the shelves. There are three.
The top shelf is the first one past the capillary tube. Then the refrigerant proceeds to the next two shelves, finally it goes up a tubing to the top of the inside, where there is  another "shelf", but it isn't a shelf. It is at the top of the compartment. Then the tubing leads back to the suction port on the compressor.

The freezer was rather warm yesterday, showing 20-F in air. The top shelf was very thick with ice which had a layer of frost on top. I defrosted the shelf. None of the other shelves had ice or frost. Last evening, with the thermometer's thermocouple in a jar of water, the temperature showed 20-F. The other probe, in air, showed 24-F. (Thermometer calibrated in ice bath)

There are no leaks at the door gasket & the manual drain plug is sealed- So no air leaks. The compressor was found running. There is no sweat on the suction line outside the box (never has been any).

This morning, the top shelf was frosted heavily and the water and air temperatures were 34-F. The compressor is running and quite warm- almost too hot to touch for more than a minute. No one opened the door overnight and a nearby clock indicates power did not go out overnight.

The compressor is the only load. There are no lights, door heaters, etc.
The Full Load Amps on the rating plate is 2.0 at 115 volts (230 watts). The compressor is drawing 0.52 amps.

After shutting the compressor off, there is about a 10 minute delay until pressures equalize enough for the compressor to restart.

Do the facts that the FLA is low and the top shelf is frosting quickly indicate a possible low refrigerant charge?

Did I miss something else I should be checking?

Thanks For Helping! I sure appreciate your advice.

Enjoy This Day!

PS: If there is a leak and it's in the (inaccessible) condenser, I assume the unit is headed for the recycling place.
PPS: I'd bet freezers are out of stock everywhere due to the pandemic.
PPPS: If the above are true, do you all want to come to one giant bar-be-que at my house?

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Re: Interesting Frost & FLA Symptoms- Asking For Advice (Thanks Much!)
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2020, 10:13:34 AM »
No you did not miss anything.You have a seal system problem and time to buy a new one.PS family member order a garage freezer and it took 2 Months.

Offline PGB1

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Re: Interesting Frost & FLA Symptoms- Asking For Advice (Thanks Much!)
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2020, 11:08:27 AM »
Thank You dab147315 for taking time to reply.

Sounds like your mention of time to buy new is probably what will end up happening. If it is valves, spending $400.00 + for a compressor, drier, etc. is probably not a good plan. Two months wait means the giant bar-be-que will be happening!

I can't, for the life of me, how to diagnose bad valves versus low charge on a cap tube system.
Do you have any tips on this determination?
My work was limited to chillers with TXV or other mechanical metering devices, so cap tube adventures were few and very far between. (Family members)
I'd sure love to explore and learn. I have some piercing valves from the olden days, so I can connect gauges.

Thanks Again for helping! I sure appreciate your time.