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Author Topic: Samsung ice maker will not fill with water  (Read 120 times)

Offline Thrifty Yankee

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Samsung ice maker will not fill with water
« on: June 01, 2020, 12:44:20 AM »

I have a Samsung side by side RS265TDBP. Its in-door ice maker stopped getting water and making ice. At the same time, the motor under the ice bin that paddles ice into the ice dispenser suit wouldn't stop running and it makes a intermittent click noise as it moves the paddle every few seconds. 

So far I have done this:
1. Checked orange water feed line from inlet valve to ice maker fiiller tube in freezer door.  No blockage
2. Put a 110V AC jumper on the ice maker inlet valve. It activated correctly and water flowed well into the ice maker. Checked resistance on the same valve and it was at spec.
3. Replaced ice maker with a new one. No change. If I manually fill the ice maker with water and later hit the test button on the ice maker, it´ll kick out a batch of cubes as normal, but no water comes in to refill it.
4. On advice of a local repair tech who was shut down for house calls due to Coronavirus, picked up a new control panel. No change. HOWEVER, when I plugged in the fridge after putting in the new control board, I thought I heard th.e ice maker inlet valve click and heard a small trickle of water go into the ice maker, but no more.
5. Also, about the time that the unit stopped getting water and making ice, I noticed that the little arm that helps feed the ice cubes from the bin into the dispenser chute in the door kept running, making an intermittent cllicking noise.  Coincidence?
6. Freezer is plenty cold. About two below zero F, just where I've set it.

 Have I got a wiring problem somewhere?   Am I wrong in thinking that somehow the inlet valve is not getting the signal to open and let water flow into the ice maker? Is there a way to manually trigger that signal and check voltage at the leads to the inlet valve?

Would really appreciate any help from you pros who know this stuff and work on them every day.

Offline Twilson

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Re: Samsung ice maker will not fill with water
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2020, 09:47:46 AM »
It is defect, if you are on Facebook look for the “SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR RECALL U.S.A. NOW GROUP”. You will be surprised how many people have this same issue