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Author Topic: Miele Dishwasher GXXX Intake Fault/Error  (Read 318 times)

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Miele Dishwasher GXXX Intake Fault/Error
« on: May 26, 2020, 12:44:51 AM »

Model Name: Miele Dishwasher Futura Lumen
Model Number: G 6880 SCVi
Type: HG05

Description of Issue
- Run Normal cycle (duration is about 2h 35min)
- Water supply ok (can hear water going in, swirling around)
- Drain occurs
- Pre-Wash and Main Wash sequence works fine
- “Intake” Fault occurs during Rinse
    - Roughly when there is 50min time left
    - Supposed to finish at 6:36pm, Fault happens at 5:45pm
    - Unclear is happening before final rinse or during final rinse

Diagnostic Steps
- Cleaned filter at bottom of dishwasher, is clean; no debris
- Cleaned non-return / one-way valve; made sure ball works freely; no debris
- Cleaned impeller; made sure it spins freely; no debris
- Cleaned the solenoid inlet valve filter (green color) by detaching the metal braided hose; no debris;
    - In the newer series G6xxx, the solenoid inlet valve is inside the dishwasher at the bottom
- My thoughts:
    - Appears that since intake happens before, I think the solenoid inlet valve should be fine?
    - Could this be because the Flow Meter B3/4 is not registering enough pulses? Could it be that the flow meter is faulty?

- What could be the problem? What else should I try?
- Does anyone has the Miele Gxxx Service Manual/Technical Information? I can't find it.
- How can I see more in-depth fault codes on my dishwasher? Right now my dishwasher only shows me "Intake" fault, but I am guessing it could be F12, F13, F14, or F15? (this guess is based on older Miele dishwasher service manual)

Thank you!