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Author Topic: Fridge Kaput?  (Read 108 times)

Offline Mr Vee

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Fridge Kaput?
« on: May 18, 2020, 12:40:48 PM »

bought a park model RV in fall of 2017. In 2018 the resort were are parked at had a bunch of electrical issues. Looks like they cheaped out and used some "friend" who did not know what he was doing. We kept blowing the main breaker in our area. We once noticed our fridge (standard home model, not an RV fridge) was actually shaking when they were having issues. At that point we had a 30amp service. In September 2018 it stopped getting cold. Has the appliance guy out and turned out to be a bad fan. In Spring 2019 they redid it and put in 50amp service and the fridge ran fine. Go up this spring and now not getting cold again. I can hear the fan is running. It's a $700 fridge and thinking may not be worth trying to fix it again. With the fan still going my next thought is it is something with the compressor assuming it is again something electrical. With this being a rural area in NW Wisconsin not a lot of options for repair guys and he is backed up until the end of the month. Although the diagnostic is only $70 sounds like repairs could hit $500 depending on what it is. Looking for opinions based on the electrical issues we had. If the chances are good that it will be major this time I might as well just go get a new one. Of course was planning on going up for the holiday weekend so would suck to be without a fridge. Think it is worth it to wait and spend the $70 to see what it is?


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Re: Fridge Kaput?
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2020, 09:32:30 PM »
A make and model may be helpful!!!!

You say the fan is running. Which fan.
They usually have a minimum of two.
One in the freezer/evaporator fan.
And one in the machine compartment condenser/compressor fan.

Is the compressor running you can usually hear it.
It should also be vibrating a bit and warm when running.
If the condenser/compressor fan is running then the compressor should also be running.

If the compressor is running and you get no cooling at all in the freezer then it is probably a sealed system problem and not worth fixing.

If it is an electronic controlled unit then try unplugging it for a couple minutes. This may reset the computer.