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Author Topic: GE GSL25JFTFBS side-by-side refrigerator will not cool  (Read 79 times)

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GE GSL25JFTFBS side-by-side refrigerator will not cool
« on: May 10, 2020, 09:33:06 AM »

Current symptoms:
- Front panel will not turn on
- No cooling
- Lights do turn on

Steps taken:
- Unplugged for 30 seconds > there was some clicking from the ice maker side solenoid for water but it no longer does that now
- Unplugged for 15 minutes > no response

Back story just in case it matters.

I replaced the water filter and then water was coming out the back bottom of the fridge.

Took off the back cardboard panel and saw that the line was broken from age/heat so I pulled some down from the coil inside the fresh food compartment and the water was then working correctly. I flushed the lines with vinegar because it had been sitting for years.

A few days later water was no longer coming out the freezer door.

Dissconnected the line at the bottom of the freezer door to test the solenoid even though I could hear it clicking and water did come out.

From this I believe that the water was frozen in the door.

I took the front panel off thinking that I would be able to see more of the line but discovered that I could not. Reconnected the front display and put the plastic trim back around it and it was still working correctly.

Unplugged the entire unit to try to use a syringe to push some hot water through the line with no effect.

When I unplugged the unit I believe that the compressor was least there was noise coming from where the compressor was...I don't know if the fan is loud as well but I expect it to have been the compressor.

Plugged the compressor back in and now the front panel will not turn on and now both compartments are not cooling.