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Author Topic: amana AGS761 No 120V to igniter (sometimes intermittant)  (Read 113 times)

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amana AGS761 No 120V to igniter (sometimes intermittant)
« on: May 05, 2020, 08:44:15 PM »

Amana AGS761  Oven will not light Changed igniter as that is usually the problem. Old igniter ohmed out good but thought maybe just weak.
Not getting 120V to igniter.
Actually, I got it a few times when I would unplug J2, push button to start over (Loud beeping & f3 fault), then plug J2 back in and start oven again.

My best guess is the control board is bad but I would like a schematic so I can double check 120V originates from J2 Purple wire (pin 3 or middle pin of the 5).
Wiring seems good to igniter but that is why I was checking for 120V out of control board first
If it is the control board I will try and repair it as the price of a new one is not worth it. (Probably a bad relay?)

Any input, information, schematic would be helpful and appreciated