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Author Topic: LGHN2844MF0 Frigidaire - Evaporator fan issues  (Read 111 times)

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LGHN2844MF0 Frigidaire - Evaporator fan issues
« on: April 07, 2020, 09:16:38 AM »

I'm a new poster. Been on here or advice a few times. Thanks for making a great forum.

Alright... the original evaporator fan (EF) went out about 2 years ago.  Put a cheap Amazon fan in and it worked for about a year. Replaced that one again. Worked fine for a few months. Then the fridge kind of went berzerk. Freezer/fridge would cool and run fine and compressor would cut on work normal then cut off, like normal.  But then  it wouldn't come back on.  Diagnostics would check out fine and everything would turn on/off thru diagnostics. Checked all the thermistors, they were fine. So, I replaced the main control board.

It started up and gave me an evaporator fan code. And the fan was dead. So I replaced the fan again. It ran fine for about 2 months. Now the fan is dead again. Won't turn on thru diagnostics. Freezer is fine and working normal.

So 3 fans in 2 years. Just wondering if there's a problem I'm thinking about.
Grounding issue? - the grounding tab for the fan is pretty rusty.
Defrost t-stat?
Cheap fans just being terrible?