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Author Topic: Asko dishwasher 20.3 won't complete cycle has F4, water intake fault  (Read 156 times)

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Asko dishwasher 20.3, art no. 107325171, s/n 073801573458 will run for several minutes and then stop giving an F4 error (water intake fault).  If I put the dishwasher into service mode, all functions work properly, water fills, main motor runs, dispenser pops open, water heats, and water pumps out.  In fact it would be possible to use the dishwasher and wash dishes if you manually advanced to the next step in service mode. 

The service manual says:
"LED L4/Fault code F4, Water intake fault
< 80 pulses within 60 seconds or correct number of pulses is not achieved within 255 seconds. Programme interrupted.
Check: Water supply, flow sensor, inlet valve, wiring." 

So far I've wrung out the wiring and it checked okay.  I replaced the aqua sensor which I think it what the service manual refers to as the flow sensor.  I did not replace the water inlet valve because it has good flow and only two wires going to it.  Where are the pulses coming from that the service manual refers to?  It seems to me that the computer is good because everything works in manual mode.  Any ideas?  Should I replace the water inlet valve?

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Re: Asko dishwasher 20.3 won't complete cycle has F4, water intake fault
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2020, 05:45:46 PM »
well if you have the tech sheet for your model it should give you the resistance value for the water inlet valve. I don't think it's the inlet valve, you said it fills fine in test mode. Generally speaking if you have an appliance component that works in test mode but not in normal mode the board is not functioning properly for some reason.