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Author Topic: Sam RH25H5611SR ice maker freeze up  (Read 77 times)

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Sam RH25H5611SR ice maker freeze up
« on: March 24, 2020, 10:26:22 AM »

This model Samsung refrigerator has the most complex icemaker design I have ever seen. The drive for the ice dispensing comes from a motor in the sidewall of the freezer section and uses a plastic drive mechanism that disengages when the freezer door is opened. Under some situations, when closing the door, the drive components are not aligned and the door will not close. The unsuspecting owner may use force to close the freezer door thereby damaging the drive mechanism. I often have to give the drive on the ice maker a slight rotation in order to restore alignment so the door will close. Bad design!
Next, this icemaker will freeze up, stop producing ice and run out of ice leaving the ice bin empty.

The evap fan motor was replaced under warranty some years ago.

When I inspected the empty ice maker recently, I noticed the arm that detects ice level in the bin was in the upward position even though the bin was empty. A tug on the arm led me to believe the arm was frozen in position. A few minutes with the hair dryer and the arm dropped to the correct position and shortly thereafter, the tray filled with water and I had the first ice drop in days.

I believe this ice maker design is prone to freeze ups especially if you don't use the freezer with some frequency.
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