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Author Topic: LG refrigerator cooling issue - please help :)  (Read 270 times)

Offline stempelman

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LG refrigerator cooling issue - please help :)
« on: February 03, 2020, 11:44:23 PM »


I have a 2017 purchase LMXS30776S/02.  10 days I woke to soft butter and noticed fridge temp was 53 and freezer temp also well above range.  No error codes showing.  LG factory tech dispatched out and replaced the compressor with the "new" one that requires the SW upgrade and did that.  Got down into 40's but still neither compartment in range.  He came back the next day and did nitrogen flush and found all in order.  Left and still not cooling to within range.  I bought real time trackers for both compartments and am attaching screenshots.  You can see the cooling is taking place and keeping it within a few degree band but well out of range.  Fridge never hits 40 or below and freezer never 0 or below.  I can hear the compressor running and feel warm air coming out at base and factory tech is coming out tomorrow morning.

Thoughts?  I spoke with him today and he didn't have any immediate thoughts.

Thanks so much!

I am a single parent and this is killing me.


Offline swong

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Re: LG refrigerator cooling issue - please help :)
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2020, 01:45:23 PM »
Like you, I also foolishly purchased a high end LG refrigerator 2 years back paying almost $5k for the LG model LSFXC2496D French Door refrigerator.  Ours failed in 17 months after install and the scenario was exactly identical to yours....wok up one morning to get a splash of milk for my freshly brewed pot of coffee only to find the milk was no where close to being refrigerated.  Calls, emails, letters of concern to LG fell on deaf ears.  Got the "bum's rush" from LG since they already got my money so I tossed the LG refrigerator and went back with Whirlpool last year and it's been rock solid in performance.  Whirlppol doesn't look as nice, is noisier however at the end of the day, I'd gladly sacrifice looks for reliability and longevity.  In answer to your query, LG has extremely high failure rates on their linear compressors and their 10 year warranty isn't even worth the paper it's printed on.  FYI, if you google search on both Facebook and the web you will see there are thousands of unhappy LG customers who have been deceived by shoddy LH appliances.  This includes flat panel displays, clothes washers, and their infamous refrigerators.  Good luck ..... it's not a question if if you LG appliance will fail but "when it fails....."