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Offline Densvxer

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hello all   1st post  On going no ice no /  water issues with my 2011 GE PROFILE GFSS6KKYCSS ..... This unit if not made completely by Samsung certainly has bunches of Samsung parts.

Just looking for some thoughts / feedback before I either replace the auger thermistor or the entire auger assy.

Symptoms: NO ICE, intermittent no water dispense after a full defrost, Measuring only ~44F in ice room mounted in the top left corner fresh food area.  Intermittent loud snapping pop mostly noticed at night when it is quiet.

So called a repair guy local here in the Denver , co area.  $600 later  and 2 trips - He replaced the whole back panel of the freezer that has the 2 fans on it & that didn't fix it. 
So then he said we need to replace the ice maker.  I was skeptical of that never called him back. 
So I did buy a replacement ice maker made by SAMSUNG DA97-07365G ASSEMBLY ICE MAKER.
Still that didn't fix it.
Then since I found a replacement water valve for about $40 delivered I replaced that today.  Still no water and no ice.

So I noticed there was a thermistor / temperature sensor on the Ice Auger assy and figured it controls the fan in the freezer that blows frozen freezer air up into the ice room.
Used my ohm meter across the connector wires to that thermistor and  found it open / no resistance.

So I am thinking the fan never activates because the thermistor / temperature sensor is open.

#1 What do you think?  I am thinking I need to replace the thermistor on the Auger.

So looking for the new GE thermistor / temperature sensor  GE PN WR23X10580  is running from $51 - $64  on various appliance parts outlets on the net. The entire GE auger assy P/N is GE WR60X10313.
I find it funny that most Samsung thermistors are about $12-$14 but I can't seem to find a Samsung thermistor P/N thats on their same Samsung auger assy  AP4444491. 
Of course the Samsung thermistor may have different resistances at different temps then the GE model.

On EBay I can find a used complete GE Auger assy. WR60X10313 with the thermistor for cheapest $40 free shipping.  Or pay $54 and splice a new GE thermistor into the Auger wire harness... 

#2 What would you do?

Do I need to check somewhere else or does the open temp. sensor pretty much says it.....

Thx in advance for any advice....   Todd in Littleton, CO  :thanks: