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Author Topic: Bosch dishwasher SilencePlus - over filling - here is the Bosch Manual no help  (Read 419 times)

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Hi folks, I have a dishwasher silencePlus 46 dBA, part SHX53T55U/01
The machine overfills, that is the water depth above the mesh grid on the floor of the machine gets to 5cm on the fill cycle even during the short rinse cycle option. At which point the water flows over the front lip of the machine, and into the sump tray which then causes the float to end the cycle, start to drain and report error E15.
I have crawled around inside the base and confirmed this is the only place that the water comes in, I can watch the error occur, and repeat the error each time.

Whatever controls the water level has given up, the attached manual states that water level control is managed by the Circulation Pump Motor. One of these costs almost $300CAD in Calgary, Alberta which is half the price of a new machine. I would invest in the part if I have a better idea if this is really the culprit and if there is any further diagnoses I could do. I can see cheaper parts on eBAY and a number are used and I have no idea if they have the same issue in terms of sensors etc.. I would really rather repair as it saves one less thing going into the landfill. If I did scrap I'd strip down my self as the 304 stainless steel this is made from would be great for fabricating parts for my sailboat once I have worked out how to remove the black sound/thermal insulation from it.

I will also take another dive into the bowels to see if I can unplug the pump and plug back in cases its a poor joint and maybe apply dielectric greate to it.

I would really appreciate the forums advice thank you.
note that searching the forum is just not working well so apologise if this is already answered.

thank you and happy new year and hope you had a great Christmas
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