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Author Topic: LG fridge freezer low voltage to linear compressor  (Read 274 times)

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LG fridge freezer low voltage to linear compressor
« on: December 11, 2019, 04:57:39 PM »

Hello, first post.

I am in France. I have an LG  GW-P2321NS  linear compressor fridge freezer.

The compressor does not run at all. I have just bought a new LG circuit board, no change. The mains voltage here is 220v, it clearly states on the side of the compressor 220 -240v, but I get only 111.6v at the compressor plug. Across the two active pins on the compressor I get 6.5 ohms, which seems OK. The only electric components by the circuit board which have not been changed are a capacitor stamped 10mf and it reads 10 mf, and a small transformer. This transformer has only two wires, I normally expect at least two pairs. They plug into the circuit board, without this transformer nothing happens when the fridge is 9lugged in. I do not know how to test it. On the internet it says when testing a transformer look for a reading between 1 and 10 ohms and if it reads more than 10 dump it. It says nothing about readings less than 1, mine reads 0.4 ohms.

I can buy a new transformer for about 70, but am worried that if I did and fitted it, the fridge may still not work I have already thrown too much money on it, it may be best just to dump it. It must work to a degree because as I said, if you remove it nothing lights up.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Regards Michael