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Author Topic: GE PTS25LHRARWW top-freezer, freezer is cold but fridge is not  (Read 66 times)

Offline htroberts

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I have a GE PTS25LHRARWW, and the freezer is cold, but the fresh food section is not--it's maybe 55F, so slightly below ambient, but not much.

There's also a second issue, which is that the controls are intermittent--sometimes they work okay, sometimes they just beep when you press buttons, and most of the time they're just dark.

I actually had a GE tech look at it, and his observation just on walking up was that the evaporator fan wasn't running. He said that the control problem is most likely the temperature control board (the one with the LEDs in the fresh compartment), which is NLA from GE. He said if I was okay with not being able to change the set temps, he would replace the fan. I was and he did.

He left me a replacement CPU / controller board, basically saying if the temps were too warm, I could swap that in and it would default to ~36 for the fresh compartment. I thought that was weird but nice.

The fresh section still isn't getting cold, so I started to swap in the new control board, but I see that one of the sub-harness connectors isn't plugged in. Weird thing about this sub-harness is that it has two connectors on it. It has the right number of pins for J4 (bottom left in the attached photo), but I'm reluctant to plug it in not knowing what it's for.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this board? or a service manual for this model?