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Author Topic: Kitchenaid Dishwasher Making Noise.  (Read 9296 times)

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Kitchenaid Dishwasher Making Noise.
« on: December 28, 2008, 12:13:42 PM »

Model Number: KUDR01TJWH0 icon

Here is another post that comes from the mailbag where a visitor named Joe is having some difficulty with his dishwasher making noise. Here is what he had to say.

Hi Brian,
I saw your post about the dishwasher making noise (during the wash), and you replaced the pump motor. I have a KUDR01TJWH0icon doing the same thing. I am a Electrician by trade and pretty handy in many trades. I think I will tackle the pump replacement on my unit myself and just wondered how difficult the project would be. Is there a a common problem like say the impeller breaks up and I could just replace that or I am better off buying a whole pump and just swapping it out?
Any help would be great. I did remove the lower wash arm and covers to get to the chopper blade and I found a large glass chip in there which might have caused the damage. I removed it and put it back together and the noise remains. Is the pump accessible from the interior of the unit or do i need to remove the dishwasher from the cabinet to gain access to it. I am assuming the second choice.

Thanks again

Well Joe, sounds like your heading in the right direction. Lets see if I can shed some light on the problem.

The tall tub series of dishwashers produced by Kitchenaid and Whirlpool utilize a dishwasher part called a chopper to grind up food and other debris rinsed from the dishes during the wash cycle. This chopper is located under the sump cover and is in place so wash water will be drawn through the chopper screen to be ground into small particles. These particles are separated inside the sump from the wash water and held in the bottom until it is time for a drain cycle. These choppers work very well and eliminate the need for pump filters in the tub. There one weakness, however, is when they encounter hard items that cannot be ground away.

As Joe discovered, the piece of broken glass found its way into the sump and was pulled by the recirculating water into the chopper. Once the spinning blade contacts the glass, the result is usually the chopper breaking, or the pump motor shaft becoming damaged. If the chopper breaks, it can be easily replaced, but if the motor becomes damaged, well it will start making a noise that can only be silenced by replacing the damaged part.

The good news is the problem can be fixed and it isn't to difficult for someone with average technical skills. I outlined the process in a post about replacing Kitchenaid and Whirlpool tall tub dishwasher pumps showing step by step how to replace the pump and motoricon assembly. The pump motoricon itself can be replaced (as long as the sump still looks to be in good shape) by following the same process for replacing the entire assembly. Many techs replace the entire unit, but I find it's just as easy to do the motor itself, and save the customer some money.

So Joe, I hope this helps in your quest for a quiet dishwasher again. My advice to you and anyone else with one of these tall tub dishwashers, is if you find a glass or plate broke during the wash, find all the pieces. Otherwise you may end up looking for dishwasher parts to fix your own noisy dishwasher.