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Author Topic: Over $500 Spent on 1.5 year Kitchen Aid Fridge - still not working!!  (Read 3874 times)

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My wife and I purchased a house in march that was little over a year old. It came with Kitchen Aid appliances, including a side x side Fridge/Freezer.

Upon moving in, we noticed that there was a large pool of ice in the bottom of the freezer, Ice Cream was so hard that you couldn't scoop it out and the fridge kept freezing all of our produce. Both the fridge and freezer were set to the 'warmest' temperatures. I checked the temperature in the Freezer (with a fridge/freezer thermometer) and it was so cold that the needle was 'buried' past the -30 degrees Celsius mark. The fridge was also around -10 (Celsius).

Following that we emptied our fridge and freezer out, unplugged the unit and allowed it to thaw out for 48 hours. After plugging the unit back in, unit returned to its factory settings and the fridge ended up being colder than before and the freezer was still doing the same thing.

We then phoned KitchenAid/Whirlpool to inquire about a warranty - no such luck as the fridge is over 1 year old. They then scheduled a repair man to come out. When I booked the repair person, I told them that I had already run through the suggested trouble shooting of unplugging the unit, thawing it out etc. When the repair man cam out he told us to do the same thing and the if the problem re-occurred he would have to fix it.

We followed his suggestion and did what was told and it still didn't work. We then had him come back and he replaced the 'main board' and the condenser (at a cost of $500).

Following the repair we allowed the fridge to run at the factory default settings. The next morning everything in our fridge was frozen, but the issues with the freezer seem to have been repaired (i.e. it was not longer minus 40).

Now with the fridge and freezer on the warmest temp settings our food only occasionally freezes in the fridge (we have discovered that by placing items that would be unnaffected by freezing, such as cans of pop on the top shelf near the condenser has helped) and the freezer works pretty good. Unfortunately, immediately after the repair, the ice-maker no longer works.

Currently, the status light pulses twice with a 1-2 second interval between pauses. After finding the ice maked repair manual on this site I tried all of the trouble shooting with the optics - there is nothing blocking them and they are not dirty. The freezer temp is also around minus 10 degrees celsius...

So to make a long story short, the main board and condenser were replaced, the fridge is still a little too cold (even on the warmest fridge and freezer setting) and now, immediately after the repair, the ice maker does not work.

Can anyone help me get the ice maker to work and suggest how I can make the fridge a little 'warmer'? I have no interest in paying a remairman another $500.