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Author Topic: GE Profile Side by Side Refrigerator Model ESS25XGMB (2001) not cooling  (Read 316 times)

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GE Profile Side by Side Refrigerator Model ESS25XGMB (2001) not cooling

Posting a recent experience in case it helps others fix a similar problem

Problem: Neither freezer nor fresh food side cooling. No humming sound from compressor or condenser fan or evaporator fan. Lights come on inside both compartments if doors opened.

Followed test procedure to check main control board as given in (excellent video, highly recommend the full series of videos on this channel)

Found 120 Volt AC power coming to board (tested between orange lead, Pin 1, of connector at bottom right and right-most exposed contact of blue connector in the middle at the bottom of the board).

Opened both freezer and fresh food doors and left open for at least 3 minutes to force the fans to come on.

Then checked for power going to the condenser and evaporator fans by checking for 12-14V DC between Pins 3 and 4 (counting from the left) of connector J2 (left connector in second row of connectors at the top of the board), and then between Pins 3 & 5 for the other fan. Getting only 6 volts, indicating possible bad main control board.

Turned off power to the fridge, pulled off connector J2 to recheck voltages directly on the board (in case I was not getting a good contact with my probes through the connector). Turned power back on, and very soon heard the compressor start. Checked the voltages again directly on the board, getting 13 Volts for both fans. With power still on I plugged J2 back in and heard the fans start.

Waited for 5 hours, freezer was down to 2 degrees F and fridge down to 34 degrees F. Success!

So, what was the problem? I didnít fix anything but the fridge is working again. Did I reset something on the control board when I unplugged and then re-plugged J2?

Posting this procedure to help others plus would appreciate any insight on what made the fridge work.


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Very similar to problem I've been having after power glitches with our GSH25JSTA ss. No DC power after power comes back on, have to leave it unplugged for x amount of time. The more this has happened, the longer I have to leave it unplugged. Bought a replacement wr55x10942 board but it died in a couple of weeks. My ongoing saga is in thread below. Not trying to hijack, and I hope we can figure out what's going on with these units. I assume your resistors on your board look ok (mine do) Are you still running an original board? (I am again now)

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Thanks for the input, helpful to know.

Yes, my resistors and everything on the board looks OK. I don't think it is the original board, it was replaced by GE in 2006, if my memory is correct.

Yes, I do hope someone can shed some light on this. My concern is that it fixed itslef, but will it go out again?

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