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Author Topic: Bosch SHE58C06UC/48 not draining  (Read 449 times)

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Bosch SHE58C06UC/48 not draining
« on: June 10, 2019, 01:42:22 PM »

I know there's been a lot of posts about Bosch dishwashers not draining, but none of them seem to fit my scenario exactly (that I could see). 

Steps taken:  1.  Determine all filters are clean and unobstructed; 2.  Examine impeller and surrounding area and determine all are unobstructed (including drain hose); 3.  Remove dishwasher from cabinet, remove side plate, and manually force it to drain by manually lifting the red drain rod (my name -- probably not the actual part name).  When I do that, it drains.  So . . . it's not obstructed anywhere, it's not the impeller, it's not the pump. 

Here's what I observed after watching the mechanisms go through an entire cycle:  In reverse order, the impeller and pump are activated when the red drain rod is lifted to a certain height in the mechanism, thereby engaging the necessary electronics to start the impeller and pump.  The red drain rod is positioned so that it will lift once a red float (again, my name) rises in water sufficient to engage and lift the drain rod to the required height.  That red float is engaged at the appropriate stage of the cycle when fresh water is added to the lift cup, causing it to float and lift.

Here's the problem: while the red float is floating, it is not lifting (floating) high enough to engage the drain rod, and therefore the drain rod does not lift and engage the pump and impeller.  It doesn't look like there's enough water getting into the float cup to cause it to rise high enough.  Or, something could be stopping the float from rising enough (I don't see any obstruction).  Not sure how to fix this.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.