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Whirlpool 6 door model #wrv986fdem01- door alarm on constantly,lights on also.


I need help. I have heard they were having issues with LEDs but have not heard the fix. Any help appreciated, im lost on this one. Oh, I have replaced door switches. Well, I bought one and have tried in each compartment. Arrrghh.  :tickedoff: :thanks:

I work on a lot of these. Have not seen this problem. I would probably put it in a diagnostic test mode and test the door switches that way. sometimes when I run across an odd issue I will pull all quick disconnects from the main control board for a couple minutes.

Thanks for replying. I found a bad solder joint on the aurora board. Touched up,checked good. Thanks again.

Was that an obvious visual observation or was it something you had to look for on the board? Thanks for the update. Good to know.


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