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Sam sung fridge RF23hcedbsr/aa,big block of ice at top right corner

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I have seen this situation many times in the french door fresh food compartment,usually the drain is also plugged.I am not sure I did the right thing.I would remove the ice block,replace the evap thermistor,move it to a higher location,add 2 heat sinks to help make defrost water warmer.Make sure the drain tubes near the condenser fan are clear.There is a case,where I did all these things,the ice block still came back.I will have to go back to find out whether the drain still thru.What is causing the huge ice block?Please help!I always thought the clogged drain caused the water to stay inside the crisper compartment,then the water rise up to the cold pipes at the right hand corner,after a long time,it becomes a big block.The normal defrosting heat does not reach that area to remove the ice.I wonder with thermister wrapped around by the ice block,would it make the defrosting session very long?I hope the Sam sung expert who has repaired many similar problems can answer this question.

I got called back to anothe fridge with same model number.The first time I went there,it had the infamous big block of ice at the right top corner of the fresh food compartment.I cleared the ice block,made sure the drain was good,added two heat sinks to make sure drain stays good.So I got called back,found the ice block again.The drain was good,only the evaporator fan defective.I cleared the ice block again,replaced the evaporator thermistor and the fan motor.I hope I don't have to go back for the ice block problem again.I will try to upload the picture of the ice block in the next posting.

Wow, I'm following this post like a hawk.  I use this forum to learn as much as humanly possible the most important of which is which brands to avoid at all costs.  From person experience as a average homeowner I perform my own preventative maintenance and basic repairs even on appliances such as gas stoves and refrigerators.  Short of the "sealed system" going out I've had good success replacing seized fans, clogged drain lines, inoperative evaporator heaters, anything short of having to open up the sealed system.  Recent woes forced me back to a Whirlpool top freezer refrigerator (model WRT518SZFM) and I had to settle for this as I preferred condenser coils hanging off the backside of the refrigerators.  Backside coils are a joy to clean and IMHO are a bullet proof design.  Condensor coils buried on the bottom are almost impossible to properly clean short of using a air hose with air compressor which makes a horrible mess in the kitchen. 

I now avoid LG, Samsung, and Frigidaire (in that order) as I can never get more than a few years of reliable use before they require service.  There are many features rich french door refrigeratos currently sold in the market which appear to be not only reliable but amazingly attractive.  I've been burnt badly having foolishly gone with a LG LSFXC2496D french door refrigerator in 2017 which died after only 17 months of casual use which makes me gun shy enough to now only stay with ugly top freezer models with no creature comforts (not even ice maker or water dispenser).  Dropped $700 on the latest replacement Whirlpool which was no where close to the $4200 for the LG LSFXC2496D.  My thoughts are that eveni f I just get 2 years out of this replacement Whirlpool it's lots cheaper than $4200.  Budget for another replacement in 2 years or have I just been unfortunate and extremely unlucky?

We always change the thermister and position it a little higher and make sure its on the left. and use the water leakage kit part number da82-01415a.  The leak kit comes with a bulletin on some of this.
If the evaporator cover is not in like new condition, we change it as well.
on the ones we have changed the cover, done the kit, and changed the thermister, we have had very  very few call backs.
We are thinking about adding a new evap cover in all cases.  seems to make a difference

Thank you schleven for these suggestions.I often am not sure whether I actually fixed the problem until a few weeks later.I got called back to another ice block problem.Ths time the drain is good.I think I would replace the cover,may be wrap a foil heater around the tubing that had ice around them.Here is a photo of the frosted right hand corner.


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