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Author Topic: Maytag MDBH979SAM0 goes off on its own  (Read 170 times)

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Maytag MDBH979SAM0 goes off on its own
« on: April 13, 2019, 11:34:13 AM »

This 6-yr-old dishwasher started showing lights going on (steady and blinking) on the control panel.  I shut the door and it ran all night without stopping.  I cut power for a couple of hours then turned it back on. With the door open the Cancel light was on steady. Push Cancel and it goes off, and Normal and Heated Dry come on, and Wash and Start blink.  Push Cancel and they all go off and Cancel is on steady.

Then close the door it starts making noises (like draining maybe) for 1-2 minutes then stops; no lights come on.  Left alone, after a while Normal and Heated Dry came on, then Wash and Start came on, and it started making noises again and started to fill.  Pushing Cancel did not stop it so I opened the door and pushed Cancel (it stopped), then closed the door; Normal, Wash, and Start were lit.  It drained, and Start began blinking.  I opened the door

I left it alone (door open) and Wash and Start were blinking, and Normal and Heated Dry were on steady.  Now Heated Dry is off, Normal is on, Wash is blinking, and Start is blinking rapidly.  Any help appreciated.

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Re: Maytag MDBH979SAM0 goes off on its own
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2019, 03:13:00 PM »
I would replace the control panel. If it drains then main board most likely ok. More common issue when lights blink is a shorted control panel.