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Author Topic: Dacor Range F1 Error Code  (Read 38220 times)

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Dacor Range F1 Error Code
« on: November 09, 2008, 07:34:10 AM »

Model #ERD30S06BR, this dual fuel range would display an F1 error code at what seemed to be completely random times. Each time the error occurred, it could be cleared by pressing the cancel button only to have the error message reappear moments or even hours later. The only thing that would keep the error at bay was shutting off the power at the circuit breaker. With this error coming and going, the oven became all but unusable to the customer.

The F1 error is, as Dacor describes it, a system watchdog circuit used to monitor the bake element relays for a possible failure such as a command to supply heat without receiving an input from the switch membrane. These element relays which are mounted on the ovens relay board turn the L1 and L2 line voltages on and off to the bake element. If either of these relays were to actuate without a key press, the watchdog should catch the operation and display an F1 error.

Once the error has been displayed, it is cleared with the cancel button, and should no longer occur, but if it does, the recommended repair is to check the ovens main control and replace as needed. Because this error was reoccurring, the control board was the likely candidate for replacement, but the completely intermittent timing of the error seemed to indicate something else in this range was amiss. Looking at the wiring diagram for other components which may be at fault lead me to the front of the range, and the item that was the real reason for these random errors.

The door latch mechanism is used during the self clean cycle to ensure the door remains closed and locked until complete. The latch contains two micro switches used to monitor the position of the latch motor allowing the control board to know the position of the door and latch. What was discovered (I had the assistance of one of my students) is one of the switches had been shorting to the frame due to an excess buildup of grease and grime from years of use. This short circuit was being interpreted by the main control as a problem, thus the reason for the F1 error.

A new latchicon assembly complete with two micro switches and motor was installed into this range allowing the oven to once again turn on and off when needed. The unit functions as expected once again, and the error message has gone away for good.

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Re: Dacor Range F1 Error Code
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2016, 07:57:25 PM »
Thanks I Scrubbed the door latch mechanism and two black temperature sensors with red reset buttons on top lightly with toothbrush and vacuumed and thus fixed it,   both were covered with dust bunnies and shorting sensors especially during humid weather

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Re: Dacor Range F1 Error Code
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2018, 12:38:00 PM »
Dacor CPS230 dual oven. I just cleared a recurring F1 fault/beeping by cleaning the latch assemblies and the oven temp thermostats mounted behind them.  I first cleaned those for the top oven, and did not fix.  Then I cleaned those for the lower oven, and F1 fault went away.  Lots of dust buildup on the lower oven temp thermostat was likely the problem, maybe causing a slight continuity between one of those leads to the metal case below it. I appreciate the earlier posts and registered here so I could contribute.

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Re: Dacor Range F1 Error Code
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2018, 09:44:59 AM »
F1 on a DACOR CPO230 -- SOLVED --
In my case the issues was two broken solders joints on each of the encoders (the electronic component on the printed circuit boards behind the two main oven selection knobs). Once you have access to the two main circuit boards (also referred to as key panel or touchpads), one for each oven, you can check whether or not the encoders move on the circuit board (wiggle them). If any wiggle is present then solder joints have weakened  over time in particular the two outer ones at each end of the solder joint row. You might be able to see a hairline fracture on those solder joints
How to fix: first take care of the wiggle by gluing the four corners of the encoder on each side of the Printed circuit board. I use Marine Weld expoxy glue. After drying the encoders can no longer move on the printed circuit board. Second re-solder any joints that show sign of weakness (the two outer ones in my case).
Third: before re-assembly spay some deoxitD5 inside the encoders and let dry.

Oven stops after a few seconds -- SOLVED --
Sent the timer to came back promptly and worked.

Getting to the Printed circuit boards on a DACORCPO230.
- Pull all knobs straight out (a small twist helps on some). Remove the two screws that hold the glass panel in place and set glass panel aside.
- Remove the long metal frame at the bottom of the glass panel (top of the oven door, 5 screws)
- Remove 4 screws (2 on each side) of the metal panel holding the timer and printed circuit boards
- Tilt panel forward and remove all wire connectors until the panel can be removed (take pictures to note where all connectors go)
- With a small screw driver pry the metal washers that hold the axis of the two main encoders. One small tab at a time and the washers come off
- Push back on the black plastic lock tabs, one by one, to release the printed circuit boards from the front panel.