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Author Topic: Maytag Washer Damaging Clothes  (Read 5519 times)

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Maytag Washer Damaging Clothes
« on: November 06, 2008, 09:06:58 PM »

Model #SAV2655AWW, this top load washer seemed to wash properly, but the customer began to notice little tears or snags in the some of the more delicate clothing items. She was sure there was no change in the way she used the washer and always separated the clothes into appropriate loads using different cycles. Not wanting to replace anymore clothes, the customer called for service to get the mystery solved.

Washers use a simple process of agitating clothes while submerged in water to remove dirt, lint and anything else that isn't part of the original garment. This agitation process can take its toll on clothing articles due the constant movement and friction created as each article rubs against another. Many washers will have slower cycles identified by various names, that will slow the agitation and spin cycles to reduce the possibility of damage to those clothing items of a more delicate nature. If used as directed (much like medication) the cycles work well and can prolong the life of your clothing, while still getting them clean.

The customer was using this washer properly and mechanically, it tested out just fine. But the one thing the customer didn't notice was the piece missing from the agitator itself. Most agitators have fins often made of a softer material that allows them to flex as they tumble the clothes through the wash water. But as they age, the agitator fins will begin to crack and eventually break if not caught early enough. This won't happen to every agitator, but is most likely when very large loads are run will to little water. Once the fin breaks, the ragged edges will act much as you would expect as the clothing slides across them.

The fix is to replace the agitator with a new assembly. Some are one piece while others are what is called a split agitator because it is split into an upper and lower half. Only the lower half was broken in this unit, and it was easily replaced by removing a 1/2" bolt found down the center of the agitator shaft. Paying attention to how it came apart, I replaced the agitatoricon (both parts were cheaper as a kit) with a new one. With a new agitator will all it's fins in the unit, this washer is more docile when in the delicate cycle.

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Re: Maytag Washer Damaging Clothes
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2008, 06:51:27 AM »
As a further note on the broken vane...advise your customers to avoid using the lower water settings on the water level control. It has been discovered that customers forget when they have lowered the water level for a previous small load. They start another load later, forgetting to reset the control and a large load will invariably damage the flexible vanes on the agitator if the clothes are not suspended in enough water. My philosophy is never to lower the water level anyway. Clothes need lots of room to circulate during the wash, plus the less weight you can put on the agitator will prolong the life of the transmission and seals.

...and we know about them triple-lip seals  :)
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