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Author Topic: Maytag SE1000 Laundry Center  (Read 503 times)

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Maytag SE1000 Laundry Center
« on: December 05, 2018, 03:49:36 PM »

Hello everyone,

I have a Maytag SE1000 washer and dryer laundry center.  It recently has been shaking the whole house on spin cycle.  I decided to replace the damper pads.  I pulled everything apart and took the drum out to do the repair the right way.  I put everything back together and it still shakes around.  I set it to run through a cycle to test it.  I let it run and relaxed on the couch.  Soon i heard water coming down from the ceiling in the kitchen.  Never a good sound. 

What is happening is the washer fills up to the appropriate level and shuts the valves.  Then it initiates the wash cycle.  Instead of agitating, the whole drum spins.  The water then comes out of the fill and the bleach dispenser as the centrifugal force builds. The washer spins and drains properly but it wont agitate. I held the tub when it started the agitation cycle and the belt slipped on the transmission pulley. 

One thing i noticed during the assembly process is that the transmission pulley spins on with the bearing in place but it seems to go up further than when it came off.  The pulley almost clears the dog on the bottom of the shaft where they seemed flush during disassembly. 

Did I damage the brake on removal? how can i test if the brake is bad?  Is it the transmission that is bad?  Its the old orbital transmission. 

As far as the shaking that i am experiencing, has anyone lost transmission oil over 30 years.  Then have a transmission that is out of balance due to the lack of oil in the transmission?  I may remove a few counter weights to see if it improves the balance on spin cycle. 

Thank you for your help.  I love this washer and do not want to cross over to the expensive, short lived, world of front loaders.