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Author Topic: Dryer vent cleaning recommendations  (Read 2587 times)

Offline Dolmedo

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Dryer vent cleaning recommendations
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:29:09 PM »

Hello fellow techs,
 Iím looking for recommendations for vent cleaning. Considering offering Dryer vent cleaning to my customers. Whatís the best reasonably priced system out there? Also It would would have to fit in my already cramped service vehicle.

Thank you in advanced

David O.

Offline schleven

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Re: Dryer vent cleaning recommendations
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2018, 05:52:40 PM »
A friend of mine does this full time. He has several techs.  I believe this is the system he uses.  The cheap kit you get at lowes doesn't come close to this one.  These rods clip together.  The ones that screw together can come apart if you accidentally reverse the drill.

I used to do cleaning, luckily I am busy enough now that we don't.  A lot of the houses here have this goofy newer style cap that gets clogged with lint so you either have to go on the roof or through the attic to clean it.

Not to mention that lots of people have the booster fans in the attic that need to be cleaned and serviced.

Its a good business for him.

It is not cheap.  I think it runs about $400 or so for the kit, but he says its worth it.
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Re: Dryer vent cleaning recommendations
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2018, 12:57:41 AM »
I used Americlean.

Dryer vent cleaning isn't the same as duct cleaning. Heating and A/C ducts do not need to be cleaned. The coupon people offer $85 to vaccuum up the heating/AC vents, but then tell you that it is ineffective and they need to clean out the system and in wall ducts for another $400-500. It's all B.S.

Dryer vents in condos have a tube that spits out hot air and humidity outside. It gets clogged with lint and is a fired hazard. My dryer duct is only 1 foot and doesn't need cleaning, but if you have your dryer more than 10 feet from an exterior wall, it can get clogged over time. They either vaccuum it out, or shoot air from the inside out if you are on a high floor.

Costs about $100.

FYI, if you have time to go over your CC&R's, note the tube is in between the interior and exterior of your unit. So if the CC&R's don't explicitly say you are responsible for them, technically the condo is supposed to pay for the maintenance of it. In the end, it won't save you any money, because then the condo contracts the work out and just raises the condo fee to pay for it.