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Author Topic: door seal/door adjustment? Maytag MAH4000AWW  (Read 374 times)

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door seal/door adjustment? Maytag MAH4000AWW
« on: September 14, 2018, 08:52:06 AM »

So I serviced this washer for overflow (something with the board - no idea why they even run the fill through the board since they have analog signal, maybe they use it as a timer and have some kind of cut out if they don't get a fill signal within requiste time, but if the relay on the PC board can stick whatever you gain from that precaution is lost to the potential fialing on of the board signal, but i digress. new board, new lease on life - thank god it was on concrete floor with nothing below it. would have been a real mess otherwise)

but while i was trying to figure out what was wrong I pulled the door and the front panel so i could get to the retainers to lift the top to inspect the solenoids. 

now that it is back together and running it leaks a minor bit of water out between the door and the bottom of the door/tub seal which it did not do before disassembly. the seal and door look fine. i don't really see any adjustment in the hinges where i could have raised or could now lower the door a tiny bit for better engagement.

early threads on this machinehave some people changing the door swing when encountering problems that sound about like what i am experiencing. i haven't seen a front loader design previously that didn't have ample excess in the seal approach for minor perturbances in door mount. Its hard to believe that just minor juggling the door or the opposite swing would be the difference between a door leak and not but maybe monkeying with hinge mounts or reversing is way to go. Don't see any where that suggests a new seal would do anthing better unless there is a redesigned retrofit. Any feedback on this since earlier thread?



(there is also chatter about the seal holding water if the draing is plugged. that is not what i'm experiencing. the drain i see is actually in the face of the tub, not in the boot itself although some of these old threads say that the boot has a drain. don't know if this was a design change or if they are speaking euphemistically or if i need glasses - or all of the above)