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Author Topic: Amana Washer Noisy during Operation  (Read 4402 times)

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Amana Washer Noisy during Operation
« on: November 02, 2008, 06:37:17 AM »

Model #NAV5805AWW, this top load washer was making a metallic creaking noise whenever it was in use and would literally shake the entire house when in the spin cycle. The clothes were still getting washed and there was no apparent water leaking from the unit so the customer wasn't overly concerned about getting the unit repaired. But when the unit would no longer operate, it was time to see what was the matter.

As I have said before, locating the source of odd and annoying noises in appliances is usually a matter of getting the unit opened and putting your ears to work. I removed the front panel from this washer which gives me good access to all the mechanical components of the unit which is more than likely the cause of this service call. With everything in site, I began a wash cycle, but quickly found the problem wasn't with any of the moving parts on this washer.

It seems the metal base plate which is basically the bottom of the washer had developed a crack somewhere along the way that had now become a long tear just to the left of the motor. The metal along this tear would flex as the machine washed resulting in our noise, and ultimately the drive belt slipping from the motor pulley.

To repair this washer, I replaced the washer base kiticon , which looks and sounds harder than it really is, with a new factory fresh part. Removal of the support springs along with the pump and motor was really all it took. With a new base under this washer, now it functions and sounds the way it should.