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Tool for installing front load boot clamps


Amazon is selling a tool for spreading the spring on the outer boot [or bellows] clamp on front load washers.  I bought one and I have to say that for the price it's ok.  I have to say that on some brands the steel wire isn't stiff enough for the tool to work.  When you put the points into the holes by the spring and turn the knob to spread the clamp the points push the wire open and the tool pops out.  LG has a great tool that looks like a pair of pliers. Unfortunately it only works well on LG due to the length of the spring.  If anyone knows of a tool that works great on Whirlpool, GE, etc. I hope that you'll share with the rest of us.
I don't have a picture of the tool that I'm talking about but I'll try to describe it.
It's a simple tool consisting of a fine threaded rod about 12" long.  On one end is a stud with a fine point that is fixed solid.  Next on the threaded rod is a thumb wheel.  Next to that is another stud with a fine point that spins free on the threaded rod so that it can move along the rod.  Rotating the thumb wheel spreads the two fine point studs.  Very simple.


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