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Author Topic: 2 issues, two separate customers, same model (of course it's GE) GTUP270EM5WW  (Read 770 times)

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I will preface by saying I hate and love GE.  I hate how often they break and how poorly made they are, I love the money I make on parts.

Anyway, washer #1 -  Customer says unit fills, then drains and that's it.

  She said at one time the wash light was flashing, this indicates a slow fill error. 
I went through diagnostics and every system, motor worked, lid switch, wax motor, inlet valves and control seemed to pass every test.
  I started a cycle and it went to agitate and rinse before I cancelled the cycle (no time to sit for a full cycle)

  I told the tenant to use it again and let me know if it returns.  The issue came right back they said.  I'm thinking inlet valve, but I have seen the waxmotor/shifter break and cause it not to shift and then it cancels and drains. BUT you get an error.  This thing has no stored error codes.

Washer #2 - I should have walked away...

  Two months ago I came across this unit, which sits in a tiny closet on the balcony of a 250 yo apartment building. Very tight space, hard to work on.    Unit was gushing from the seal, so I figured, worn out seal. A $5 part, I'll make a quick $250.  NOPE!!

  After getting the tub off, the spanner nut was seized, I had to bring it home to cut it off, then after all that, I see that the plastic of the tub has worn to where the seal no longer fit perfectly. 

  At this point I was over two hours in and I didn't want to call the guy and say I needed another $300, so......  I Added in plastic, and then set the seal and then fill tested.  I felt it was good, and should last a few months or years. 
  Two months.   Just two.    Well...  I'm in a pickle now.  I mean I know what the problem is, but the repair I cannot cover.  So I guess I'll be bringing a blank check to that job. 
  Same job....  Now the dryer runs for five minutes and shuts off.  Do these dryers have the same thermal limiter issue on the motors the old GEs and Frigidaires had?   In my experience and new motor is the remedy.   So it needs a new tub and a new motor.  Good lawd.   The guy at the parts store told me "I guarantee this will be the first and last seal you ever change in the new GE stack"  YEP!!
   Now I have to put an hour into a job, then refund the money for the four hours I already have in it that I only billed for 1.5.

  People call me crazy when I say don't buy appliances made after 2005. 

(I'm only really worried about the first issue, the second part was a total rant.)

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way to fix the plastic ring that holds the seal is to tighten a ss hose clamp around the plastic - I've been doing that for years and it works bery well.  TOO bad the GE engineers can't figure out a solution to their garbage they design.