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Author Topic: leaking water MVWB980bg0  (Read 495 times)

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leaking water MVWB980bg0
« on: February 26, 2018, 01:31:11 PM »

I have seem many maytag washers start leaking  water out of the front right of the tub when filling up ? Is there a fix for this on these models ? I have lowered the water pressure to prevent it from splashing out  of the fill area and that is where it always leaks ? what does whirlpool do about this problem ? I have ordered new tub rings but there the same rings !!!!  Tks for your help  JPG

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Re: leaking water MVWB980bg0
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2018, 01:06:03 AM »
Replacing the tub ring is usually to correct when the water is pushed out under the ring during spin.

Mechanically, your model is very close to the Whirlpool Cabrio. You can see full parts list here:

Although I didn't find any service bulleting for your exact model and symptom, I have seen cases where a different dispenser with an additional port was available to prevent overflow. Maybe it's only for models produced earlier.

Also, in some cases there are partial obstructions intentionally put in the valve module to lower water pressure when it goes to some dispensers to prevent water from splashing besides the tub.

I have also seen dispensers whose lower edge wasn't sharp enough, so water just followed the edge and dripped besided the tub. Although not the most elegant solution, I have usually been able to correct them with adhesive aluminium foil tape.

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Re: leaking water MVWB980bg0
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2018, 04:03:42 PM »
I've had four recently. All but one were due to excessive house pressure. First one had no pressure regulator to the house, his pressure was 105 psi. The customer couldn't understand why it worked before now without a regulator. They are doing some major work in his city, new water mains means more pressure. Second one was 150 psi, bad pressure regulator. The regulator had swivel fittings, I was able to replace it without soldering. Third one, house pressure was 65psi, a new inlet valve fixed it. The fourth one was at 100 psi. The installation manual says 100 psi is acceptable, not true, a new inlet valve did not fix it. Her pressure regulator was connected to pex, I referred a plumber.