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Author Topic: Whirlpool Duet High Speed Spin Only in Diagnostic Mode, not in regular mode  (Read 429 times)

Offline GaFord

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WFW9750WW00, 7 years old.  Machine will not enter spin mode to dry clothes.  Machine hangs up on the back and forth just before the spin.  According to the technical manual, the machine spins up to 400 rpm two times, cuts the power to the motor and compares how the tub slows slow down to determine balance.  My machine does that, then goes back and forth slowly to mix up the clothes.  Then back up to 400, and back slowly again.  It never speeds up to dry the clothes and the clothes are soaking wet.  The machine runs through the diagnostic mode without issue, even the final high speed spin.  That tells me the motor is working and its not a spider or bearing problem.  I cleaned all of the electrical contacts.  I cleaned out the drain filter.  There is no play in the water pump.  The water drains out of the tub without issue.  I replaced the 4 shocks thinking it was a balance issue but still the same problem.  In "drain and spin", the machine hangs up at the 11 minute mark.  I am thinking its either an MCU or CCU circuit control board issue, but don't know which one, and both parts are expensive, both together are almost the price of a brand new machine.  I inspected both circuit boards and neither has any black marks, and all the capacitors look good.  Thanks for your thoughts.