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Author Topic: Magic Chef Mini Fridge Model# mcbr460ds.. I can't find part numbers for parts  (Read 976 times)

Offline domsob1974

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I just got a Magic Chef Mini Fridge (3.5 cu ft.)  (Magic Chef Mini Fridge Model# mcbr460ds) and I can NOT find any information on the internet about it. When I plug it in nothing happens. When I say nothing happens I mean there are no nothing! I want to just replace the overload and start relay (The only 2 electronic components that I can see on the compressor) but I cannot find out any information online on the part numbers or to cross reference.

Could it be that this cross references with

I am guessing the parts that I need are:


Overload 314MFBYY


If need be I can take a pic/get numbers off of the compressor if that would help.

Thanks in advance

Offline romanowski72

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did not look up model but does it have a interior light if so does that even come on.  I would be thinking about a bad thermostat.  if it was a start relay or something like that you would here the click.
you can jump the thermostat to check if you dont have a ohm meter.