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« on: May 29, 2017, 12:01:03 AM »

Okay gang, I THINK I know what is going on (as unlikely as that is).  Wife super overloaded washer with high speed spin setting on AND the to add this scenario the drain filter was clogged.  Clothes filling maybe 7/8th of drum and no where for the water to go. A "MILD" bit of vibration and then i though we had an earthquake.

I let her run it with small loads.  Then she smelled electrical smell and motor had overheated and I unplugged it until I could take a look.  Today i found the all types of material clogging the drain.  I got around a half a coffee cup of small black "pebbles" and what looked like kitty litter out of the filter and finally got it to drain.  I could run a rinse cycle and got the lines "clear"  When i would try spin only, it sounded like it the motor was totally bound up.

I bounced it around moving it out, and low and behold it would spin, but way way way out of balance.

I took it apart hoping for a shock absorber or spring loose.  Turning the drum i could hear what sounds like more little rocks inside the washing drum and the outer plastic drum.  I pulled the large drain hose off and found a HUGE "rock".  it looks like a cast piece of metal.

My guess is the nuclear shock of that one load, busted loose some type of castings attached to the stainless drum for balancing shims...  does this make sense?  I am attaching two photos, one of the "casting" in my hand and the other with the drain hose and the same piece near it.

i think i need the drum itself, as it seems out of round and unbalanced.

Am I totally cucu for coco puffs or is this a real scenario?  if so what do i need to order, every part works on this machine, it is just out of balance to spin.  did i damage the inner drum itself so it is no longer near balance or round?


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« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2017, 12:14:36 AM »
Cold this be part of the "Samsung Washing Machine Rear Drum Support DC97-15491A"?

i guess this is the part between the plastic tub and the stainless clothes drum...

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« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2017, 06:23:54 PM »
JUNGLEJIM03 you are correct this is part of the Spider Rear Support Bracket but I lookup up your model # and the part number would be Part #DC97-14875B and the pebbles that your finding is either the Front or Back Washer Balance Ring or possibly both. You may not find out if both until you take it apart.

When I do this job, to do it right - (because you don't want to do it twice or have to tear it a part again) I would buy the Front and Rear Balance Ring / Rear Support Bracket / Rear Tub Seal and check both Front and Rear Bearings (if you see dark chocolate stains on the back or rear tub the Tub Seal is Shot and more than likely you'll want to replace the front and rear bearings) and replace the Front Rubber Door Gasket Boot. There may be a possibility if the Rear Back Support Bracket snapped and the washer was able to spin High Speed and the Basket Drooped down it might tear into the front Rubber Door Boot Gasket thus creating a Gray Smoke when In High Speed Spin then tear into the Front Outer Plastic Shell. You will only be able to tell when you tear it apart.

All I can say is if it was my own personal washer I would rebuild it and literally make it new again. You'll get at least 5 years out of it! But that's your decision and up to you.

List of Parts Numbers Needed:

Front and Rear Washer Basket Balance Ring - Part # DC97-12135A
Rear Support Bracket Part #DC97-14875B[/size]
[/size]Rear Tub Seal Part # DC62-00223A
[/size]Front Rubber Door Boot Part # DC64-00802A
[/size]The picture attached is basically what you'll see - broken rear support bracket vs. the new support bracket