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Author Topic: Maytag Neptune TL Washer UC Error Code  (Read 35827 times)

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Maytag Neptune TL Washer UC Error Code
« on: October 14, 2008, 06:38:41 AM »

Model # FAV6800AWW, this top load Neptune washer would wash clothes, but when it was time for the spin cycle to being, the water would drain, but the clothes remained wet. The machine would stop and display an 'UC' error message on the control console. The customer followed the suggestions in the user guide, but nothing seemed to solve the problem.

This error code is displayed when the machine was unable to spin the basket, and is associated with the 'dc' user code. Either code can be displayed indicating the machine was unable to spin, and they both point to the same two components as a possible failure.

The top load Neptune, uses a large wrap spring clutch to drive the basket during the spin cycle. This clutch is mounted inside the drive pulley under the tub and connected to the drive motor with a belt. When the motor turns the clutch, the spring inside will tighten up and transfer the rotation to the end of the basket drive shaft. When the clutch fails or begins to fail, the customer will usually find the 'dc' error displayed which indicates the unit sensed an out of balance condition. To determine this condition, the control board uses a position sensor mounted between the chassis and the left front of the tub. This sensor arm will move in and out as the tub moves during operation. If the movement becomes to erratic, the 'dc' error will be displayed and the cycle will stop waiting for the customer to redistribute the clothes.

Because either the clutch or the sensor arm can cause the 'UC' or 'dc' errors, it is important to do a little trouble shooting to ensure the failed component is located and replaced. The clutch being mechanical can be visually inspected, but I find if the unit spins fine with a small load, but displays an error with a heavy load, the clutch is the problem. The sensor arm, however, being an electronic component, can be checked at the control board for proper operation. This test as outlined in a service bulletin goes like this.

At the P3 connector, measure between the pink and white/blue wires. The voltage should be approximately 1.5vdc when the tub is centered, 3vdc when the tub is pushed to the right rear of the cabinet, and 0vdc to the left front. Any variances of these voltages and the sensor, connector and wire harness should be checked.

When I started checking this washer, the customer indicated the error occurred during each wash which tells me the clutch most likely isn't the problem. So using my meter, I stared to check the voltages from the position sensor. Centered I was measuring 1.8vdc, and when I moved the tub to the other positions, I still was reading 1.8vdc. Looks like I have found my failed component.

I still visually inspected the clutch to make sure it was in good shape, and then replaced the tub displacement sensor assembly. With the new part in place, the washer started spinning again as if nothing was ever wrong.

Just a Note: there is a new style clutch for these washers that started finding its way into the unit produced after March 2005. If you are having 'UC' or 'dc' errors, especially when washing large or bulky loads, I would suspect the pulley & clutch needs to be replaced.

Tub Displacement Sensor Part # 12002194

Clutch Assembly Part # 25001169