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Hey guys have a question for you. What set up do you have for your wire repairs? So far I stock your basic 22-10 gauge insulated male, female, butt connectors. I am currently looking to expand. I found a couple of sets on specifics such as 4.14 & 2.54 pitch male and female connectors. Just curious what your thoughts are. I don't do many wire repairs, but want to be prepared. I have a job currently where there was wire damage on an electric range wiring harness at a locking wire to wire connection. Of course the wiring harnesses wasn't clear on the diagram and there were no images of each harness. Would have saved time and money by being properly stocked. Also what rolls of wire do you keep and of what size? Thanks in advance for all feedback.

I work on about 7,000 GE appliances in a retirement community and get a fair number of used ones back. I've garnered lots of pigtails, wiring harnesses, and spare parts from them.


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