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Author Topic: Kitchenaid Wine Fridge running warm, makes rhythmic ticking or tapping sound  (Read 624 times)

Offline senortilo

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I have a 9 year old Kitchenaid KUWS24RSBS00 wine fridge that has been edging up in base temperature a little at a time. The temp control dial is now set to its coldest setting but that only gets it down to about 59 degrees.

I removed the back from the fridge and cleaned everything thoroughly; there is still a rhythmic "ticking" sound (like the sound of tape stuck on a fan blade, but slower). I disconnected the compressor fan and the sound continued, so I'm not sure where the sound is originating (control board, maybe?). The compressor appears to be running and gets warm, but the output tube is not very cold.

Because Kitchenaid charges a king's ransom for their parts, I'm not anxious to just start replacing things until I have a better idea what is causing the issue. Thoughts?

Offline sarjushah

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check the AMP draw on compressor, if it is running and not cooling then sealed system issue.

Offline senortilo

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Thanks for the reply. The system is actually cooling - just not very well. I determined that the 'ticking' is coming from the defrost timer. Reading around, I understand that ticking noises from electric defrost timers could be normal, but I honestly don't believe it has always made that noise.
I imagine the next step would be to replace the timer (part number TMDJZ05KE9 according to the component) but I can only find one source for those and they run $66. Seems a bit overpriced for what it is - especially if I'm not sure that is the solution.

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The Kitchenaid part # is WPW10239390. If you buy it from Appliance parts Pros, you can return it if it's not needed.


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