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Author Topic: Kenmore Oasis Washer Leaking  (Read 9965 times)

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Kenmore Oasis Washer Leaking
« on: October 05, 2008, 07:23:38 AM »

Model #110.27086603, this top load high efficiency washer, also known under the Whirlpool Cabrio and Maytag Bravos names, started leaking intermittently during the wash cycles. But because the customer would start the load and go off to do other things, she was unsure of what part of the cycle the leak started. Figuring all leaks should be visible, I began a wash cycle and kept my eyes open for water.

This washer uses separate dispensers located under the lid for the detergent, the bleach, and the fabric softener. Each dispenser is connected to a water valve via a flexible hose that runs under the top panel. At the appropriate time during a wash cycle, the appropriate valve will open to flush a dispenser with water. There is also a recirculating hose located along the left rear of the tub that connects to the top of the tub ring. This is used along with a recirculating pump to basically shower the clothes during the wash with detergent and water. Figuring any one of these items could be the source of the leak, I watched while each item was activated.

New Tub Ring

During my initial tests, nothing seemed to leak or even come close to leaking, but then I remembered seeing a bulletin on the Cabrio model and there is where I found my answer. It seems water will not completely flush out of the detergent dispenser during the initial fill allowing water to collect on top of the tub ring. Due to the shape of the ring, the water will run down the sides of the tub and collect in the base of the unit. Once enough water has collected, it runs onto the floor thus given the appearance of being intermittent. If you just test the unit, you may never see the problem, but put some detergent in the dispenser, and the problem becomes more apparent.

The solution is to install a new style tub ring that has more openings for water to enter the tub. And once the tub ringicon was installed, this washer was keeping all the water inside the tub.