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Author Topic: LG Washer WM2032HW LE error code after replacing hall sensor & wiring harness  (Read 1448 times)

Offline YoJoLo

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My LG front loading washer is pretty old and was working fine until about six weeks ago. It came up with an LE code that I couldn't reset until I replaced the hall sensor. Once I replaced it the washing machine worked fine for a month.  Then the code came up again and I replaced the hall sensor with another new one and this time it didn't fix the problem. I then replaced the wiring harness and the machine still won't work. The washer fills with water but there is no motion from the drum at all and the LE error pops up. I keep overriding it until the machine finally drains.  No cracks on stator. Anyone know how I can isolate the problem.  I know it isn't the hall sensor or the final wiring harness.  What next?

Offline anerepair

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You can ohm out the motor and sensor from pcb, since parts were replaced they are probably good but it doesn't hurt to make sure.  Motor is rd, bu and yl and you should get about 10 ohms across all 3.  Hall sensor is bu, rd, gy and wh.  On the sensor connector you want to check bu and rd to wh, you should get a reading around 10k ohms on each.  With unit powered on check wh to gy for dcv and you should get about 5 vdc.  You can check gy to rd and bu and get about 2.5 vdc that will pulse back and forth as you turn the basket by hand.  If you find all these readings correct then I would replace the main pcb.