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Author Topic: Whirlpool Cabrio Model WED6200SW1 Electric Dryer Error Code Questions  (Read 1486 times)

Offline Redemption

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Purchased the above dryer at a charity sale. Two issues have arisen. There was an error code of F-25 (which is the inlet thermistor open or shorted code) initially in memory. My meter did not confirm this. There was continuity in the cable on P4-1 & P4-2 from the ECU to the inlet thermistor and the ohm reading for the thermistor was within range for the ambient I took the reading at. (tech sheet says 49-51k ohms at 77F). During a test load I opened the door to add a garment and the control begin to flash F-1 which is code for Primary Control Failure. I cancelled the cycle, unplugged the dryer, then replugged the dryer, the error cleared and the machine went back to work. So, I suppose my question is, are these electronic controls always to be trusted? If the ECU has failed how is it now accepting commands and continuing to run? Or am I over complicating the obvious and should assume the ECU is in the process of failing or is at best suspect? Thanks in advance for your kind attention in this matter.   

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 are these electronic controls always to be trusted? - NO ,NO ,NO.
one of  the most common reasons for microchips failure is just quality. the microchip is programmed to perform specific tasks based on the input provided . there is multiple reasons why ecb can intermittently stop working :
 bad internal connections (cold solders)
badly written firmware ( ask any technician working on lg refrigerators - just unplugging and resetting ecb fixes at least 40 % )
interference from other equipment ( no shielding)
those self checking systems ( watchdog systems) are part of the ecb so you can imagine how many variables can affect it.
what i mean is ,if self checking system is still fine ( working correctly ) it is the best thing under the sun , but when is bad it will make your day unforgettable :-) 
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Offline Redemption

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Thank you przemeku6 for your input. The end game of this discussion is to reach a decision about reselling it so I can be confident that it will serve well whoever buys it. Replacing the ECB would make the cost prohibitive for reselling it. What I mean by "are these electronic controls always to be trusted", I mean are they infallible in their assessment of things? The dryer does not behave according to the error displayed. I have a matching Cabrio washer with a similar issue. It displays an F-51 error code (RPS sensor error) that does not behave like a failed sensor or harness. Meter likewise does not confirm this error and the washer completes its cycle without issue and passes the manual RPS and spin tests. I even went so far as to change out the sensor and harness. I know I switched horses there from a dryer to a washer but the issue with both of them is the same in that they do not behave as the errors would indicate. (I did see from my research that this F-51 has been an issue with this washer) Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Any further input would be greatly appreciated. May the Lord bless you till you are better paid.