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Author Topic: KUDS02FRSS2 parts alingment question  (Read 1192 times)

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KUDS02FRSS2 parts alingment question
« on: January 28, 2016, 06:25:44 PM »

I am working on a Kitchenaid KUDS02FRSS2 dishwasher. Trying to find a relevant service manual has been fruitless. I ordered one a couple of years ago from an online source, and it had no noticeable relationship to the dishwasher I had ordered.  My problem started with a very loud noise while running the washer.

After taking various things apart my analysis was that my wife's action of totally ignoring my instruction to never ever put anything in the dishwasher with labels on them was the base cause. Return for the grinder was totally plugged with labels. My thought is that restricted water flow and caused the main spray arm to fail to run at the necessary height. Causing a bunch of noise.

I took things apart and ran the washer through a cycle with just water. With the lower spray arm removed and a clean grinder intake, the machine was quiet. Hence, I think it verifies my analysis.

Then I ignored the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule. I popped off the top spray arm. This neatly destroyed the $0.001 plastic pin holding the assembly on to the water supply. So $25 for a replacement pin (only sold a an assembly - sort of like the incredibly stupid piece in the detergent dispenser). Not a good solution. I think I can fix things with a stainless machine screw and some washers. The inside of the arm was not clogged. Arghhh.

Now the questions. The middle sprayer arm seems to be just fine. However, there is a connection that just does not seem right. The arm to the sprayer fits into the water conduit on the rear wall of the cabinet. It pokes into a piece with two holes with gaskets and a cover flap operation from the inside of the water source. The one used by the spray arm stays in the open position, from being in that position for a very long time. That does not seem to be a problem. The lower one is fine.

There is a piece going from the supply arm to the middle sprayer arm that goes through a hole in a support bracket at the rear of the rack. It pokes into the aforementioned hole in the water supply at the back of the enclosure. There is a piece stuck into the supply arm that in turn sticks into the water supply. this piece, from my observation, seems to want to slip into a hole/slot on the frame holding the spray arm. If so, it has never been correctly installed. If this piece does not seal correctly to the supply it could reduce operational effectiveness. Can someone confirm it should be inserted in the slot?

In addition, I thought I would replace the washer under the main spray arm since I had things apart. I thought about he grinder blade, but I am not sure how to actually replace it. Can anyone suggest what I should replace just as preventative maintenance, and/or how to replace the grinder blade. If I am sure how to get it off and back on, I would take a look at it and maybe at least sharpen it.

I would certainly appreciate any applied expertise here.