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Author Topic: My washer most of the time doesn't spin when reaches the Spin Cyle  (Read 764 times)

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I have a General Electric top load washer with the model gbxr1070w0ww.  The issue is that sometimes it spins but most of the time it doesn't.  I've noticed on some occasions that when the wet clothes are in the washer and when it reaches the Spin Cycle, I can see that it tries to spin but it doesn't budge.  If I remove the wet clothes slowly, i can see it slowly picks up speed but the moment I dump all the clothes back in, it just stops spinning completely. I've had a tech look at the washer and he said it's a transmission problem but if it's a transmission problem then shouldn't it NOT spin at all every time??  The fact that it sometimes spins is what I don't get...Anyone have suggestions or is the tech guy 100% correct?