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Author Topic: Whirlpool washer quiet agitation after transmission replaced  (Read 558 times)

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We have a whirlpool top load washer that is 4 years old. We recently had to have sears  come out and diagnose our problem because it would not run all together,   just kept clicking. They said it was a gear and when they came to fix it with the part they said it was the transmission. $300 and 2 weeks later it was fixed. I was just downstairs while it was going thru the wash cycle and it was very quiet and sounded like something plastic was bouncing around every now and then and the clothes dont seem to be fresh when they come out. Are the new transmissions very quiet because I was used to my other one which was a lot louder during the cycles but my clothes came out fresh. Now they dont smell clean at all. And it seems its taking forever that the water runs to get to the correct level. I'm afraid it's not fixed right and my clothes are not getting cleaned. And there's a smell inside my washer as well..mechanical smell. Is that because it was recently worked on? Just wondering if I need to have sears come back out to fix it completely.