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Author Topic: Maytag Atlantis washer not spinning or draining, burning rubber smell.  (Read 2428 times)

Offline Googles

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Model Number: MAV8551AWW

My washer has started acting up by making a weird loud noise. At first, I ignored the noise and figured it wasn't much. However, all of a sudden the washer stopped and wouldn't turn back on on any setting. (Wash, spin, rinse etc.)

I unplugged it, and plugged it back in and couldn't get it to work on any setting. So I came back to it the day after. This time, I could load it up with water and rinse it. However, when it came to the spin cycle it would stop or make a loud noise. It would smell of burning rubber for a while as well. I couldn't get the water to drain either and it was starting to smell. Luckily, as I was making this video, I somehow got the water to drain this time. (You'll see me stop to check in on the water in the video. I was surprised!)

I have uploaded a video of the front panel open and so that you guys would also hear the noise. Sorry for the crappy quality, was uploaded with my phone.

Any ideas on what it could be? Should I be testing or looking for anything?
Thanks guys.

Offline Bailey

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Sounds like the pump. There is a shim on the pulley that comes out and rubs on the pump housing.

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Tilt machine back,  take off belt,   and grab the pump.   Turn it,  if it is rough replace pump.    If you have seen a few of them (or hundreds lol),    you can tell just by looking at it.    I would also look at the belt,   usually the belt gets badly worn in these situations and should be changed also.    Also,   look and check the motor pulley.    It is plastic.     Sometimes,   it starts to melt.     Problem is,   if you look that up it defaults to the whole motor.     It may be possible to still get just the motor pulley,    haven't checked in a while. 
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I agree with Wedgeman 55!