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Author Topic: Kitchenaid Range F1 E6 Error  (Read 6049 times)

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Kitchenaid Range F1 E6 Error
« on: August 19, 2008, 06:46:27 AM »

Model #KESC307HBS6, this slide in range would display an error code and lock out the controls requiring the power to be cycled at what seemed to be just random times. Once cleared, the range would work just fine, but somewhere along the way, the error code would return and lock up the range again. The customer was a bit frustrated with the situation, and was tired of heading to the breaker box before attempting to cook, but I was confident this problem could be solved with a little investigation.

Lack of Communication
This range utilizes a display board located under the user panel, and a power board which contains all the control relays located under the right side of the board. There is a white wire harness that runs between the two boards allowing communication between the microprocessors on each board. If you pull the range out and remove the right side panel, you will be looking right at the power board and all the wiring harnesses. Whenever an error message arises, it is always a good idea to check all the connectors and verify the wiring harnesses are intact and not pinched or damaged in some way.   The communication link between these two boards is vital to it's operation, and any time either board stops reading its counterpart, and error is soon to follow.

The F1 E6 Error
If we take a look at the tech sheet for this range, we find this particular error message indicates a problem with the display boards on board memory, indicating the microprocessor is in simple terms, loosing its mind.

So after doing all my normal diagnostic checks to isolate the problem, I determined the harness and connectors were good, which left the display board itself as the cause of this annoying error message.  Installing a new display board into this range has done way with this annoying error message, allowing the customer to use their range without making a trip to the breaker box.