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Author Topic: GE microwave cooking center w/P7 self cleaning oven  (Read 2709 times)

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GE microwave cooking center w/P7 self cleaning oven
« on: April 16, 2015, 06:03:06 PM »

Ok - going to take your advise and start with a new post cause I'm already lost.  LOL.

We have a one piece unit made by GE in April 1978.  They call it the GE Microwave Cooking Center, model JHP98G-OW I AD.  It has a P7 self cleaning oven, a Corningware cooktop, a microwave oven, a cooktop light and a built in exhaust vent/fan all boxed up together in a metal cabinet.  LOVE this thing.  However, had a lightning strike that did weird things to appliance in house recently.  The clock no longer works.  That means the timer does not work, nor can we use the self cleaning oven feature because it requires the clock and timer to be working.  Cooktop light also burned out.

Called GE and was told the clock was part number WB29X5236, but that they did not have it.  They also did not have the service/repair manual available, nor did they have a part number for it.  I already have the owner's manual and it does not help in this instance.  If I can find the clock I will probably also need the manual to show the repair people how/what to do to fix it since we are talking old here people.  I'd try it but the whole thing is a direct wire job which I try to stay away from. 

Does anyone know where I can get this clock and repair manual?  Thanks a bunch for any help you can offer.  I want to keep this old cooker going if I can but I want that oven to self clean...getting too old to do that.