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Author Topic: Frigidaire Freezer not Cooling  (Read 12660 times)

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Frigidaire Freezer not Cooling
« on: August 30, 2008, 07:54:56 AM »

Model # FFU17M7HWC, this recently purchased upright freezer up and decided to stop cooling one day leaving a mess of defrosted food and water for the customer. Because this is a basic (I mean really basic) freezer, I figured my trouble shooting was going to be rather quick, and I could have this unit freezing again in no time. Fortunately for the customer, I was right.

Taking a look at the ladder circuit diagram of this freezer, we can easily see, there isn't much to go wrong, and few places to cause trouble. From our connection at the wall outlet, we get our 120vac which makes it's way to the thermostat (cold control) and then on to the compressor.

Because of it's accessibility, I chose to begin my troubleshooting right in the middle starting with the thermostat. Here I found my source voltage when I measured across the switch contacts, and no matter what position the selector knob was in, my readings were the same. So my trouble shooting journey began, and ended with the thermostat.

Installing a new thermostat in this unit did the trick and it didn't really require to much work, part # 216788100
The customer was happy to have a cold freezer again, and I was glad to have an easy call to end my day.

Just an aside. I don't know if it's just me, but I have been finding many of these capillary thermostats not just failing to cut in and out, but finding their internal switch contacts have failed in the open position.