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Author Topic: Kenmore 400 washer won't drain or spin - No blockage, Not switch, Not coupler.  (Read 1136 times)

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Hi folks. My Washer will not drain or spin. Found it full of water w/load and when I placed it on spin cycle all I would get was a buzzing noise. When I put it on rinse cycle with lid closed it will agitate clothing while full but when placed on spin cycle it will not drain and spin. All I get is the buzzing sound. When I open lid during agitation it does stop so switch appears to be in working order. You can even hear it click when slowly lifted and closed.

I took the washer apart, drained it, checked pump for obstruction; nothing. I checked the coupler and it appears to turn and is not rounded out. Belt is fine. Made sure connecting piece to motor was in order. Appears fine. Even applied a shim just to check if it was connecting tightly enough. After putting everything back together drum still refuses to spin and all I get is the buzzing noise during spin cycle although drum moves easily when done by hand.

Now when I put in rinse cycle I get a minor buzz that is less loud than the spin buzz. Not sure if washer is suppose to agitate without water in it or if it even can. I have the water connections turned off at the wall so I don't have to deal with draining it again in case I need to have it serviced. Any other ideas? I thought maybe the motor was dead but if that were the case it wouldn't agitate right? CLUELESS.