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Author Topic: GE topload S2100G3WW - intermittent spin problem  (Read 971 times)

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GE topload S2100G3WW - intermittent spin problem
« on: December 28, 2014, 11:14:17 PM »

Washer has no other problems than sometimes the spin cycle won't work. No belt smells, no weird bearing noises just refuses to spin sometimes.

I am successful getting it to spin 95% of the time by turning the dial back to spin cycle and opening + closing the lid multiple times till it begins to spin (I'm able to warp the lid to see inside as I'm doing it) The 5% it won't spin, I let it sit for awhile and try again.

The times I have taken the front panel off to see if I can find something wrong, the motor has been too hot to touch.

a. sometimes the basket begins to spin but completely stops.
b. sometimes the basket begins to spin but stops then starts then stops in a rhythmic pattern that causes the drum to bounce in its mounts which makes a popping noise. sometimes it settles down and spins and sometimes it continues to buck like a horse till the cycle ends.

without knowing how this washer works, it almost seems like a brake is being applied to the drivetrain. Other sites have mentioned to check to see if an article of clothing is stuck between the basket and drum but I don't have a spanner tool to remove the nut holding them together.

any ideas? thanks!